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Since 2019

The HY Consultancy is renowned as Pakistan's top provider of study abroad and visit visa services that facilitate global resettlement. HY manages a variety of visa types for multiple destinations such as Europe, Canada, the UK, the USA, Dubai, Thailand, and others.

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The HY Consultancy offers a comprehensive suite of services, expertly managed from pre-flight preparations to post-landing support, tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. With over five years of experience and a robust network, The HY Consultancy provides a one-stop resettlement solution for individuals looking to visit, study, invest, or conduct business in popular destinations such as Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Trusted Network

The HY Consultancy is dedicated to providing honest guidance to students planning to study abroad. We strive to achieve client satisfaction through experienced and sincere advice, along with careful application management. Our efforts are grounded in our complete trust in the help of Allah, the Almighty.



5+ Years Experience

Since 2019, The HY Consultant recognized best in Pakistan for visit and study abroad for various countries like New Europe, Dubai, Thailand, Australia, Canada, UK, USA and many other countries.

100+ Tourism Visas

The HY Consultant has an unrivaled team of licensed travel planners, certified IATA agents and counselors.

100+ Student Visas

The HY Consultancy is specialized in UK study visas. Our multiple students have already completed their studies in UK and has a successful record in dealing admissions.

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